Welcome To Tobacco Control Legal Consortium Blog

We are the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, a partnership of legal scholars, health experts, and government organizations that works to reduce the use of tobacco in American life. We are an award-winning legal network that focuses on drafting and implementing effective tobacco-control policy. We have experts located in eight legal centers that are all affiliated with each other, and we use their expertise to help communities at the state and local level to address tobacco-related issues like smoke-free policies, laws to control tobacco use via restrictions or taxation, and regulating flavored tobacco, including e-cigarette pods.

We also work with legislatures, city councils, and other governing bodies to draft legislation, regulations, and ordinances. Because of our expertise in designing, enacting, and implementing laws that are proven to work in reducing tobacco use and abuse, government entities have worked with us repeatedly to address tobacco-related problems in their communities.

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